Elephant-Collective: Inception

What does it take to invoke a vision and to create something meaningful and worthwhile to pursue with our precious time?  For one, it takes commitment to a purpose greater than the self; a mission that uplifts the human spirit and brings people together for a common cause.  We are all creators with unique and individualized talents.  When we bring our gifts out from the shadow and into the light, and work collectively toward something greater than, we transcend the limited constructs of self, synergizing inspiration through unification rather than separation.  This is the belief system that spawned the Elephant Revival Conceptback in 2005.  This is the same value system that I still maintain, as we travel into an unknown future with regard to the newly minted hiatus of Elephant Revival.

My intention is to call together the extended Elephant Tribe.  Together, we can create a platform to share our music and art through a platform that strengthens and fosters the whole. This platform, called the Elephant-Collective is currently in its initial developmental phase.  The EC will include original music, video shorts, podcasts, an online journal, visual artists, healing artists, circus artists, permaculture experts, et al….   So as to highlight our shared human experience with regard to living a meaningful and purposeful life on this planet earth. 

I look forward to sharing and connecting more with you more on this in the coming months as the Elephant Collective comes into form.

With Gratitude,

-Dango Rose-