Elephant-Collective is a creative commonwealth based out of Boulder, Colorado.  We provide a platform for artistic expression with a unified team of diverse artist-collaborators to produce music, short films, visual arts, blogs and podcasts. 



To celebrate each other in a dynamic state of inclusion. Our aim is to create synergy through music and art.

“Elephant-Collective works with its artists to create a new sound that reflects our mutual creative principles. It’s a paradigm worth spreading: disrupt social barriers with art; build communication in ways that words alone cannot.”
— Dango Rose


  • EC is a creative commonwealth and resource sharing site for artists to share and cross-promote their works.
  • EC is a network of musicians who collaborate in the studio and in live performance.
  • EC consists of filmmakers, journalists, visual artists, healing arts practitioners, circus artists, social activists and earth guardians who collaborate for positive change.
  • EC is committed to implementing a blockchain to create industry transparency so as to support artists first!
  • EC utilizes the most advanced technology available in order to make unique collaborations possible worldwide.